"Wijn maken is als de liefde bedrijven, je moet het met hart en ziel doen"
With most ladies and some gentlemen, the heart beats faster when George Clooney comes into the picture. His charisma, that sultry, friendly look in his eyes, that nice jawline and strong eyebrows - not to mention his acting talent - make him the idol that he is. So if an icon like George makes a statement about wine, we think it must be true.

In any case, we fully agree with his statement “Making wine is like making love. You have to do it with heart and soul!” A quote from the movie Monuments Men.

A film based on a true story, in which a group of art experts go on a mission during World War II to rescue and protect stolen works of art from the Nazis. George Clooney plays the role of one of the team members and speaks this inspiring quote.

Clooney's statement emphasizes that making wine is more than just a technical process. It takes a deep commitment, passion and dedication to produce a quality wine. Like love, where heart and soul are put to create a deep connection and emotion, making wine takes attention to every detail, patience, knowledge and most of all passion. Only then can the end product be truly special!

Winemaking is a craft and an art form, in which the winemaker puts his heart and soul to create a unique and unforgettable drink. It illustrates the importance of passionate involvement in winemaking, and how it can result in a masterpiece in a bottle.

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