We are wine specialists

MundoVini is much more than just another internet retailer. Founded by qualified wine enthusiasts who are experienced in selecting vintage wines from verified, impeccable domains, and in seeking out wines of distinctive character, we offer you a large collection of unique wines.

We are professional wine tasters

Despite the fact that certain legendary wine estates have joined the ranks of the most prestigious objects of speculation, our opinion remains that wine is an extraordinary and natural product, which should above all be discovered, enjoyed and shared!

The special, unique and exclusive wines we offer on MundoVini have all been personally selected and tasted by us. Now it's time to share our passion for and experience with these wines with you! Some wines are praised by renowned wine tasters and reviewers worldwide. Others provoke discussion, but given their inherent quality, we think you should have the pleasure of forming your own opinion. 

We offer a large selection 

Whether your search is led by a wine estate or a vintage, for your personal pleasure, as an investment or as a gift, you will find the right wine in our extensive range of unique wines.

Can't find the wine you've been looking for for so long? Or is it no longer in stock? Then use our unique Find Service. We are happy to help you in your search for that one special, unique and special wine.

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