"Wijn is als kunst, je moet het begrijpen om ervan te genieten"
When Bradley Cooper stars in a movie, you can almost be sure it will be a success and many will be mesmerized by the screen. So is the 2015 movie Burnt. A sexy and tasteful drama about the talented rock 'n roll chef Adam Jones, who is (of course) played by Bradley Cooper.

In the film, Adam Jones is a brilliant but tumultuous chef who, after falling from grace, returns to reopen a Michelin-starred restaurant. In this context, he utters the words "Wine is like art, you have to understand it to enjoy it".

A statement that clearly emphasizes the importance of understanding in order to enjoy wine. Wine is more than just a drink, it is an art form in itself. It takes a certain amount of knowledge, understanding and appreciation to understand the complexities and subtleties of wine. Just like with art, where one often needs to understand the context, the techniques and the background in order to appreciate its deeper meaning and value.

The quote encourages us to go beyond just wine tasting; we should strive for a deeper understanding of it. Be it the winemaking processes, the different grape varieties and grape varieties, the regions and climates where they are grown, and the influence of the winery techniques on the final taste and character of the wine.

By knowing more about wine and understanding its nuances, we can reach a deeper level of enjoyment and an even greater appreciation for the complexity and beauty of this delicious drink.

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