A few decades ago we decided to start investing in good wine. To this day, we enjoy every aspect of this complex yet creative market where new wines are regularly introduced and older, renowned wines and vineyards carry a wealth of history. A truly fascinating, energetic market.

We have been lucky enough to turn our hobby into a new venture: MundoVini | experts in exquisite wines. One of MundoVini's goals is to share our passion and love for good wine and investing with as many people as possible.

That's why we created the "Whitepaper: Investing in Fine Wine".

When investing in fine wine, many aspects are essential in making decisions, building, diversifying and successfully selling your portfolio or collection. Once you get the hang of it, you'll enjoy diving into the wonderful world of investing in a tangible asset that also happens to be one of our favorite products in the world.
Even if you're not a wine aficionado like us, investing in good wine is a lucrative and exciting venture with great rewards if you play it right. We combined our own experience and knowledge with a wealth of information we found on the internet and the result is this Whitepaper. To get you started and to enrich your knowledge about investing in wine.

So... Do you want to know more about the most important facts, figures and aspects of investing in good wine? Then download our Whitepaper for free!

  • Why you should invest in wine!
  • What kind of investor are you?
  • How to invest in wine!
  • What should you invest in?
  • What you need to know before you start!
  • How and where do you store your wine?
  • Buy and sell wine!
  • But remember: this whitepaper is just the beginning of a long adventure and only touches the basis of all the knowledge there is. Have fun reading it and good luck with you investments!


    Jaap van Dijk & Klaas de Groot


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