"Wijn is de meest gezonde en hygiënische van dranken"
Bottle Shock is another film that you should not miss as a wine lover. Based on true events, the film tells the story of the rise of California's wine industry in the 1970s. Of course there are a lot of statements about wine in this film, but we'll just pick one. A statement by one of the most renowned scientists in history: the Frenchman Louis Pasteur.

A pioneer in microbiology and sterilization, Pasteur was known for his pioneering work in food hygiene and the role of microorganisms in food spoilage. Many know that he is the father of the pasteurization process. Every day we drink a glass of milk, he passes by. But he was not (yet) often associated with wine. His statement “wine is the healthiest and most hygienic beverage there is” puts an end to that as far as we are concerned.

The ruling emphasizes that wine is a drink that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Drink in moderation, of course. Or is it with sizes? As far as we're concerned, it's both. Either way, scientific research has shown that moderate wine consumption has certain health benefits, such as reducing the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases, improving cognitive function and promoting digestive health.

In addition, wine is considered a hygienic beverage. This is because of the fermentation process that wine undergoes. The alcohol and acids in wine can help kill harmful microorganisms, making wine less prone to spoilage compared to other beverages.

We have of course said it before: wine is just good! When drunk in moderation, it is not only delicious, but it also contributes to a healthy lifestyle and is more hygienic than many other drinks. It's nice to know that science has our back! Long live Pasteur!

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