"Wijn geeft je moed, net als kunst."
Another great wine quote, this time credited to none other than Leonardo da Vinci in the movie The Hundred-Foot Journey.

The quote highlights the power of both wine and art to encourage and inspire us. And let's be honest, who of us can really resist that delicious combination of a good glass of wine and a work of art that moves us?

In the film, Papa, played by Om Puri, plays a passionate cook and bon vivant. He frequently cites Leonardo da Vinci as a source of inspiration and emphasizes the courage that wine and art can give to people. Just as a good glass of wine can help us release our inhibitions and encourage us to take on new challenges, art can inspire us to step outside our comfort zone, explore new ideas and unleash our creativity.

Known for his pioneering work in the arts and sciences, Leonardo da Vinci is regarded as an example of courage and daring. His statement in the film emphasizes the ability of both wine and art to encourage us to see the world with fresh eyes and to take on new adventures with full courage!

So, let's enjoy that delicious bottle of wine, be inspired by the works of art around us and muster up the courage to face the world with full force, just like Leonardo da Vinci showed us.

We toast to wine and art, the perfect combination to inspire us and give us the courage to chase our dreams! Will you toast with us? Then take a look at our extensive range of exclusive wines to make your dreams come true!