"Wijn is de bondgenoot van genieën!"
Many iconic actors have already passed in our list of movie quotes and we are sticking to that now too. This time it is Gerard Depardieu's turn. In the dystopian action thriller Babylon A.D., this legendary French actor plays the role of a complex character named Gorsky. During a key scene in the film, Gorsky utters the words, "Wine is the ally of geniuses!" A quote that makes an interesting link between wine and creativity.

The statement suggests that wine has a special bond with (creative) geniuses. A subject that we also touched on in our blog of May 11: “I drink and I know things.” Wine is a source of inspiration, a stimulus for the imagination and an ally for those who are artistically gifted. Wine opens the mind, removes inhibitions and promotes creativity. This is how geniuses can reach their full potential.

But that's not all. The quote from Babylon A.D. also calls for understanding the deeper meaning of wine. It's not just about drinking an alcoholic beverage, but acknowledging its cultural, historical and creative value. Wine is a companion, an inspiration and a source of creative energy.

This quote also emphasizes the human side of wine. Wine is not just for the elite or the sophisticated connoisseur, but for anyone who has creativity in them. It makes no distinction between ranks or classes. Wine is an accessible ally for anyone seeking creative expression.

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