Wat is oranje wijn?
Orange wine, also known as amber wine, is a type of wine that is becoming increasingly popular among wine enthusiasts. But what exactly is orange wine and how is it made?

Contrary to what the name suggests, orange wine is not made from orange grapes. It is actually a white wine produced in the same way as red wine. When making orange wine, the grapes are not pressed, but fermented in their entirety, including the skins. This process can take several days to months, depending on the desired flavor and color. The consequence of using the skins is that the wine takes on an amber hue, hence the name "orange wine".

In addition, the skin provides more tannins, which gives a bitter taste to the wine. Orange wine often has a full and rich taste, with aromas of nuts, fruit, flowers and spices. It can be either dry or sweet, depending on the grapes used and the production process.

Orange wine is often considered a natural wine, as it is often produced with minimal intervention. This means that no pesticides or other chemicals are used in growing the grapes and there are no added yeast or sulfites in the fermentation process. This ensures a unique and authentic taste, but it also means that orange wine is more susceptible to oxidation and can spoil more quickly than traditional white wines.

Orange wine is mainly produced in Italy, Slovenia, Georgia and Austria, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in other countries. It pairs well with savory dishes, such as cheese boards, charcuterie and grilled meats, and is often recommended to drink at room temperature rather than chilled.

All in all, orange wine is a fascinating type of wine that is gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts. It is a wine with a rich history and a unique taste that is worth trying for those looking for something new and adventurous.