MundoVini krijgt "5 minutes of fame"op Business News Radio

It is Tuesday the 12th of July, 2022 and the clock strikes 12:44. On Business News Radio (BNR) the presenter Thomas van Zijl announces in his daily show Zakendoen (Doing Business) that it is now time for the new episode of Geniaal of Onzinnig (Genius or Absurd). 

In this 5-6 minutes of radio an entrepeneur get's the chance to introduce his or her brilliant product or service to an audience of almost 500,000 listeners. But beware: what is great in the eyes of the company may be absurd to other people.

As the introduction music stops Thomas van Zijl announces his guest of the day: co-owner and founder of MundoVini, Jaap van Dijk. Jaap explains to both Thomas and the co-host of the day what expertise MundoVini has to offer and how people interested in investing in fine wine can benefit from it.

Not only does MundoVini offer exclusive wines in ouw brand new online shop, MundoVini Podcast teaches listeners about the important aspects of investing in fine wine and a brand new winefund is in the making. As Jaap finishes his story, the conclusion of the co-host is clear: "this concept is GENIUS!"