Waarom zou ik in wijn investeren

Of course, you can simply buy an exclusive, special wine from MundoVini because you are an avid wine lover and connoisseur. But in addition, MundoVini offers many unique wines that are an excellent extension of your existing wine portfolio or basis for your new to start stock in order to invest in wine.

Growing market

Exclusive wines have earned a fantastic reputation for stable growth and high, strong investment returns. Over the long term, these tangible assets have outperformed financial markets and commodities. As a tangible asset with a finite supply, wine can be compared to investing in gold, which retains and exceeds its value especially during periods of economic uncertainty and rising inflation.

Not only because of their great taste, but also because of their good investment reputation, exclusive wines are growing in popularity and can be seen as an interesting long-term investment with a promising future. 

Investing in alternative assets

Investing in wine is a creative way to add alternative, tangible assets to your investment portfolio. Unlike investments on the stock market, when you invest in individual, exclusive wines, you have control over the assets you invest in. In other words: your wine stock. You build it up, manage and expand it yourself. But beware: with this freedom of control also comes responsibility. It is essential that you have the right location to store your wine under the right conditions: out of sunlight, at the right temperature and with the right humidity. And don't forget to arrange with your (home) insurance company that the value of your stock is insured.

However, as with your other investments, it is advisable to determine your goals and long-term strategy in advance. This requires not only knowledge of investing, but especially knowledge of wines. If you do not (yet) have this knowledge, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with a thorough cellar and investment advice. Tailored to your wishes and possibilities. 

The search begins

Are you exploring investing in wine? Then start with the vintages and grape varieties of winemakers, which have performed well in the past, like the investment-worthy wines from:

  • France - Grand Cru wines, including Lafite-Rothschild, Haut-Brion and Lafleur.
  • Italy - Brunello wines, made from the Sangiovese grape and Barolo wines, made from the Nebbiolo grape. 
  • United States | Napa Valley - several Cabernet Sauvignons, including Screaming Eagle, Madrona Ranch from Abreu Vineyard and Old Sparky from Schrader Cellars.

Want to know more?

Was this information helpful for you but are you looking for more background information, facts and figures before you invest in or buy the best wine? Than download our "Whitepaper: Investing in Fine Wine" here.